The Green Solution to Dog Pollution
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The Smart Solution to Dog Pollution

Mon, 30 Jun 2014 by Linda Rosado

A Place For Pet WasteWe’ve all had messy run-ins with dog waste and pollution. Whether it’s at your favorite park or on a picturesque walking trail, these situations can definitely put a damper on your day and one thing seems to remain a constant at these scenes—a lack of pet stations.

By making the removal of dog waste easy and convenient, pet stations help keep communities clean and waste-free, serving as visual reminders for dog owners to be responsible and pick up after their four-legged friends’ litter. Aside from preventing less than fun experiences, pet stations can also keep areas safe, as dog waste has proven to be more than just a nuisance.

The Messy Problem

Dog droppings can carry many harmful bacteria and viruses, which can become a large source of pollution to ground water, nearby rivers, and lakes. Recent studies have placed canine companions pretty high on the list of bacteria contributions in contaminated waters, ranking third, and sometimes fourth. Dog poop is considered dangerous for surrounding water sources, humans, and especially children, and some communities have established ordinances requiring the safe and proper removal of your dog's waste, at the risk of fines.

The Simple Solution

DOGIPOT Pet Stations provide dog owners with a remarkably easy way to ensure that their furry friend is not polluting the surrounding areas, whether it is with toxins, bacteria, and viruses, or that plain old dog poop smell. DOGIPOT Pet Stations are the perfect solution to benefit your community, the environment, and anyone that wants to enjoy a worry-free walk through the park!

Contact us to learn how to make your community safer, healthier and more beautiful with an easy and affordable dog waste solution.

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