Your pup’s all dressed up for Halloween with nowhere to go. So why not throw a doggie Halloween party to show off your dog’s boo-tiful costume?

At the party you’ll be able to check out all the fun costumes, meet other dog parents and their fur babies, and enjoy some yummy treats. But before you send out your invitations, you want to make sure you cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s to ensure a smooth and spooktacular party.


A Halloween party isn’t a Halloween party without a costume contest. The pups want to receive praise for their spider, hot dog, or Princess Leia costumes that they worked so hard on.

To make sure all party goers cast a fair vote, leave slips of paper and pens on a table with a DOGIPOT® Dog Bowl. The guests can secretly write their favorite costume on the paper, fold it, and place it inside the bowl.

After the host counts all the votes, the winner deserves a round of applause and a spooky prize. Keeping with the holiday spirit, the lucky pup would love to play with a Halloween-themed stuffed animal or ball as the prize.


To keep the guests happy and entertained, some snacks and treats should be provided. You can find Halloween-inspired goodies at the local pet store for the dogs and buy or make cupcakes, cookies, or other sweets for the humans.

And you don’t forget to hydrate your energetic friends. The DOGIPOT® Adjustable Diner makes for a perfect way for all the pups to get plenty of water.


A skeleton dog welcome statue or a giant inflatable dog on your front lawn would add extra pizzazz to your party. You can decorate the inside of your home with pumpkins, cob webs, ghosts, witches, and anything else creepy.

But be sure remove chewable or breakable items, so the dogs don’t make one of your favorite heels into a new toy. And if you place a DOGIPOT® Single Roll Dispenser with poop bags somewhere in your front lawn or backyard, the pet owners will feel more inclined to pick up Fido’s mess and not leave it to you. Lastly, a DOGIPARK® Bone Leash Post makes for an elegant spot for partygoers to leave their leashes.

DOGIPOT® creates durable, long-lasting products that will make great additions to your party or house. For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or check out our complete line of dog products and dog park equipment.

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