The holiday season can feel like the most exciting time of the year, and for good reason. Families are together, friends are smiling and delicious food is plentiful. With all the commotion and excitement it’s easy to overlook simple details, and that’s why it’s highly recommended to review the following tips for a safe holiday for both you and your pup.



Holiday décor is a big deal in many homes, and having a dog doesn’t have to keep you from going all out; you just have to make smart decorating choices. Make sure to anchor your tree. Whether you buy an extra sturdy base, or tie it to the wall, the last thing you want is everything to come crashing down. Depending on your breed of dog, always have ornaments above and out of their reach. Not only are they dangerous to swallow, but it’ll get annoying to constantly re-hang them as they’re wagged off. Additionally, avoid heavy ornaments because he last thing you want is one to fall and clunk someone.


If you’re one to light up the house, keep string lights well out of reach. They pose both a shock and choking hazard. Especially for teething pups, a little gnawing can still electrocute them. Also, string lights can easily wrap around their necks and panic can make it worse.



When you’re worn out from keeping the house smelling like cookies and substitute a nice gingerbread candle, make sure to keep the flame out of sight. It may attract unwanted attention from your dog it can burn them both will the flame and spilled wax. The fireplace is another hazard to watch during cold months, so keep a grate over the front keep note of errant embers.


Speaking of cookies, avoid temptation to feed you pup human treats. If they’re relentless, either occupy them while you cook or buy them doggie cookies to keep them satisfied. Additionally, don’t place any wrapped food or smelly gifts under the tree or they’ll be gone before you know it.




Finally, holidays bring parties, and parties bring new guests, smells and lots of activity. Always have a designated quiet space that your pup can retreat to or for you to put them. It’s also a good idea to tire them out before guests arrive to keep their energy level low.


If your guests are bringing their own pups along for the night, be sure you have a full stock of dog poop bags and a proper way to dispose of any dog waste that their furry friends could leave behind. If your community has DOGIPOT Pet Stations installed, be sure to point your guests in their direction while they are walking their dogs.


Now that you’re prepared for a safe holiday season, so get out there and have a merry time with your doggie!


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