With the holiday season just around the corner, you’re probably planning a trip or two with your family and four-legged children. These trips may involve hours or sometimes even days in a car, bus or plane.

Before you embark on your journey across the states, make sure you’re fully prepared with the right items to keep your pup happy and relaxed. Below are a few tips for items to bring along to set you up for a successful trip:


Food and water are essentials for humans and pets on a road trip or plane ride. Bring plenty of water and food to keep your pups hydrated and well-fed. Water may not seem necessary when driving, but you don’t want to run the risk of driving miles and miles before the next gas station. Don’t forget to bring a DOGIPOT® Dog Bowl or two so your furry child can properly eat and drink.

You should also consider feeding your dog early before you hit the road—that way they’ll be able to go number two before they get comfy in the car. Also, if possible, play with them outside hours beforehand. If you can do this, your dog will rehydrate after playing and be able to go number one before getting into the car or bus or onto the plane.


Just like humans need to take frequent breaks to get up and stretch, our pets do, too. Whenever you stop the car to get out and move around, take your dog with you. And if the flight or bus attendants allow you to walk your dog up and down the aisle, let them stretch out their little legs.

But of course, you must always prepare for the unexpected. Even if you think your pooch doesn’t have to go to the bathroom, take a few DOGIPOT® Litter Pick Up Bags with you just in case. You don’t want to leave a special surprise for anyone to step on in the aisle of a bus or plane or on the sidewalk at a rest stop.


Even though your dog may come running to you when you yell their name at home, this may not be true when they’re in a new environment. They may be distracted by the new elements and noises around them and ignore you, so it’s best to bring along their leash and keep them on it when you’re in open spaces.

And before you head out the door, check your pet’s tags. Make sure the phone number and address is up to date just in case your pet runs off. Once you have all these items in place, you’re ready for your trip. Have some safe and happy travels!

DOGIPOT® creates durable, long-lasting products that will ensure you have a successful journey. For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or check out our complete line of dog products and dog park equipment.

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