The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your DOGIPOT Pet Station
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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your DOGIPOT® Pet Station

Mon, 01 Dec 2014 by Linda Rosado

Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your DOGIPOT® Pet StationInstalling a DOGIPOT® Pet Station is just the first step to the successful overhaul of pet poo-ridden areas. Each DOGIPOT® Pet Station has an entire lifetime of collecting ahead of it, and with proper maintenance, along with proper use, they'll keep your grass greener for years to come.

Community Staff's Role in Maintaining Pet Stations

Maintenance staff should follow a few guidelines to ensure that each station is running in tip-top shape:

  • As a general rule of thumb, empty trashcans once per week. Some stations may require more or less depending on traffic, but, remember, smell tends to accumulate the longer waste is left behind.
  • Along with emptying the trashcan each week, dog bags should be refilled as well. Most dog owners don't carry their own bags, so a station that's fully stocked with DOGIPOT SMART Litter Pick Up Bags is essential.
  • Even in the doggy doo business, looks are important. A sparkling station looks like part of a thriving community. Make sure to wipe off any dirt, grime, or otherwise (yes, including poo) from pet signs and disposal areas to keep your pet station (and community) looking great.
  • Not every person is an exemplary citizen, but that doesn't mean you can't set a new standard. If you see left behind waste within a few feet from a pet station, help your community by cleaning it up. Not only might this act give your day a boost of feel-good vibes, it'll spruce up the area around the station, and prevent people from regretting their use of the station after they step in a big ol' number two.
  • If you see a repair that needs to be made, it should be attended to as quickly as possible. Just like a station without bags, a broken station cannot meet its purpose.
  • Service all pet stations every 3 months. Make sure to check lubricate any hinges, and check for any rust or sharp edges that can be attended to. It's also a good idea to check every station after a heavy winters or large storm.

Your Part in Keeping Your Community Free of Pet Waste

For users of a pet waste station, there are also a few guidelines that should be followed. These simple behaviors will allow everyone to continue to benefit from the station:

  • A phone call really goes a long way. If you notice that trashcans are full, bags are empty, or that a repair is need, a quick ring to the park/apartment manager will notify them of the issue. Users help serve as the eyes and ears since staff can't always be there.
  • Watch out for an excess accumulation of poo. Operators might not be aware of the increased traffic, so a quick call letting them know of the problem as well as recommending another station can help in the future.
  • Just as humans are sometimes lazy, we can also be forgetful. Carry an extra bag or two on your walk just in case. The station may be out of bags, or your dog may have had too much cake the night before. And you never know when you'll run into a fellow dog lover stranded without a bag.
  • Use the waste station trashcan for only poo. Other trash can easily overflow the trashcan.

Putting maintenance staff and waste station users on the right track with how to both use and maintain a DOGIPOT® Pet Station will allow it continue to benefit the surrounding community. You can be a DOGI Poo Hero!

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