Doggy Do Justice: Unusual Ways to Reinforce Pet Pickup
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Doggy Doo Justice: Unusual Ways to Reinforce Pet Pickup

Tue, 28 Oct 2014 by Linda Rosado

Unusual Reasons To Pick Up Doggie WasteAs you may know, dog waste is not just annoying to our eyes and shoes, but it’s also very harmful to the air and can pollute water sources. However, even with all of these great reasons to pick up after your pooch, some people still refuse to do the right thing.

Drastic Times Call For…

These acts against sidewalks and front lawns do not go unnoticed though. A tipping point is eventually reached and local vigilantes have made attempts to stop the crime themselves.

Here are some of the most unusual ways reported so far:


A 48-year-old woman in Maryland was convicted of assaulting her neighbor after an argument broke out over repeated offenses to her yard.

Revenge Poo:

A Los Angeles woman, fed up with feces in her yard, posted a sign to her street which threatened that any future presents left behind would be returned with her personally defecating on their doorstep and car windshield.


An anonymous New Jersey resident went on a spray-paint spree marking numerous sidewalks with arrows next to the words “Curb your dog.”


Two counties in England have used bright fluorescent colored spray-paint to color dog droppings making them stand where they would normally blend in, bringing unavoidable attention to the increasing problem.


When residents too often threw used doggie bags into bushes, the English town of Todmorden began hanging them from a single tree for everyone to see and smell as they walked by.


A small town in Taiwan rewarded each bag of waste brought to officials with a lottery ticket. The winner was recorded to have won $2,200, and the town decreased waste by around 50%.

If these stories show nothing more, it’s that people care about picking up after dogs. Not doing so creates unnecessary tension between neighbors and more importantly health risks for the environment. An effective solution to waste problems can benefit an entire community in a number of ways, and this is where DOGIPOT comes to the rescue.

The (Smart) Solution to Dog Pollution

DOGIPOT products are both eco-friendly and biodegradable. With easy installation and minimal maintenance required, DOGIPOT pet stations keep apartment complexes, residential streets, campgrounds, hotels, animal clinics, airports, rest stops, dog parks and countless other areas free of droppings. While the examples earlier can be funny and extreme, they are all temporary measures. DOGIPOT provides the safe and long-term solution that pet-friendly communities need.

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