Ways to Make Your Campground Pet-Friendly
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Ways to Make Your Campground Pet-Friendly

Sun, 15 Mar 2015 by Linda Rosado

Ways to Make Your Campground Pet-FriendlyAs a campground manager, you might be confronted with an array of different dog-related questions and problems throughout your day. Dogs are seen as "man's best friend" so, naturally, hiking through parks and trails with their owners is a treat for both pet and parent. If your campgrounds are pet-friendly, offering services and things, like dog waste receptacles can help keep your campgrounds clean and enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few additional points that can be an asset in making your campground pet-friendly and as safe as possible.

Check Dogs for Vaccination

First, make sure that the dogs attending your park have vaccinations that are up-to-date. Ask to see paperwork to ensure that the dog has been vaccinated against Lyme disease, heartworms and rabies. This lessens the damage that may occur to humans and other dogs on the trail. Once their health is perceived as a non-threat, inform the campers of the rules of the trail. Detailing dog-friendly and not dog-friendly areas as well as potential threats to the dog's behavior will make things easier for everyone.

Keep Dog Waste Solutions

Dog waste is bad for the environment, especially near water sources. Unlike other animals, dog waste in the wildlife area can be extremely hazardous for the ecosystem. Having DOGIPOT® Pet Stations for safe and easy waste disposal dispersed among defined trails will do hikers, and yourself, a favor.

Lookout for Dogs on Trail

As you survey the land, keep an eye out for dogs that appear to be aggressive. This is shown through barking, growling, showing teeth, biting or "muzzle punching" (striking with a closed mouth). Aggressive dogs will need to leave the premises immediately. In case hikers are not supplied with one, having a first aid kit on hand to pull thorns from paws or clean wounds is ideal. Observing if dog food is kept safely and separately from food for human consumption will make for a pleasant trip for your park-goers.

Lastly, whenever you see campers or dogs in need, offer help. Or, if there seems to be no trouble at hand, offer help anyway. Let them know you are a resource to them and are keeping them and the environment at peace. These tips are just a few of the many ways you can use to maintain pet-friendly campgrounds.

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