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Why Your Pet is the Best Valentine?

Tue, 14 Feb 2017 by Linda Rosado

While some people are scrambling, virtually pulling their hair out trying to nail the picture-perfect, candlelit night of romance, pomp and circumstance, there are others who have tapped into the secret behind celebrating the perfect Valentine’s Day.

valentines 2017, dog gift, gift for dogs Believe it or not, your favorite, four-legged friend is the ideal companion this year. So, grab your favorite Snuggie, fire up the Netflix and settle for the best night in ever with a few reasons why your pet is quite possibly the best valentine.Picture present for your dog

They’re a cheap date.

It's apparent that pets are pretty easy to please, for the most part. A few scoops of their

favorite food, some shiny new pet products, like custom pet waste bags or a dog house, and ample belly rubs are more than enough to satisfy even the pickiest pooch. No expensive horse-drawn carriages or complicated dinner reservations required.

More chocolate for you.

This one's a bit selfish, but because dogs are notoriously averse to most forms of chocolate, you can invest in your favorite treats without having to share. We do recommend buying your pet their favorite, dog-friendly treat, though as a delicious alternative.

No shoes? No shirt? No problem.

Dinner jacket only? Hardly. Break out your most comfortable sweats and get cozy on the couch with your pets this Valentine’s Day. There's no limit to the level of comfort you can experience when hanging out at home with your best friend, but do refrain from dressing down too much to avoid making things a little too uncomfortable.

The perfect conversationalist.

Admit it, some of the most satisfying conversations you’ve had were probably with your pet. They don't interrupt, and are never quick to judge. More often than not, they tend to agree with everything you believe in, too. Whether you’re ranting about a co-worker, or waxing poetic about politics, your pet is usually just happy to be there, and that's perfect.

Stress-free gift giving.

When buying the right gift for your pet, you can save the trip to Jared’s. Most dog products tend to fall within the $3-6 range, plus there are plenty of DOGIPOT® products to choose from, so you can easily splurge and make Valentine's Day extra special for your furry friend without breaking the bank.

The night is yours to control.

Want to take a calm quiet walk around your local dog park with more than enough park equipment to keep your pooch happy? How about a cozy night in for a movie marathon?

When spending the day with your pet, there's no risk of scheduling a bad date, because Fido is more than likely going to be happy with whatever you want to do as well.

Plenty of health benefits.

Study after study has shown that spending time with your pet can have tremendous health benefits. From lowering your blood pressure to improving your overall mood, there's no real downside to sharing this Valentine’s Day with the one you love most.

From our line of Pet Stations and Trash Receptacles, to DOGIPARK products to create the perfect dog park, DOGIPOT® works tirelessly to provide the highest quality dog products for the health and happiness of your pets. For more information, be sure to visit our Products page, or contact us directly with any general questions.

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