Furrrr-baby, it’s cold outside! That’s what many dog owners across the country are thinking too, and if you’re having pet waste troubles in your community, the cold weather may be a factor. With the bone-chilling weather, dog owners may hurriedly take their pets for a brisk walk and leave their number two far behind in the cold. As pet waste piles up over the winter months because of this, it can become a problem once spring hits—mostly because outdoor activities and property rentals surge during the warmer months. Barbequing on the first warm day of spring or giving potential residents a tour of your property with dog waste scattered around the community lawn is not a pleasant sight, as you can imagine. So, to avoid having residents or even potential residents tripping over a big pile of number two, here are some tips and tricks that may help encourage your tenants to take an extra few seconds to clean up after their furry friends, even if it is a bit chilly.


For starters, contrary to popular belief, pet waste is not a natural fertilizer. In 1991, the Environmental Protection Agency labeled dog waste a “non-point source pollutant” and placed it in the same category as herbicides and insecticides, among other toxic waste products. You may not know that it can actually pose a serious threat to the environment and water supplies. When it rains and water runs into local watersheds, bacteria from pet waste left on the ground ends up in watersheds as well. Aside from general health and environmental concerns, picking up pet waste is important because, well, no one likes to step in dog poo. Also, a pet waste problem is unsightly, potentially smelly, and may deter potential renters. Installing a DOGIPOT® Pet Station on your property helps to encourage residents to clean up after their pets in one swift motion. They can grab a dog litter bag, scoop the poop, and throw it away without too much trouble.


Dog owners know it’s never fun to pick up their pet’s messes, and it’s less fun when you’re spending precious time walking long distances in the cold from your pet’s chosen spot to a pet waste station. The colder the weather, the less likely dogs and their owners are to walk long distances for potty breaks. This means if pet waste is left behind, it’s more likely to be left closer to buildings and in higher traffic areas. One way to fix this issue is to ensure you have dog waste bag dispensers, like the DOGIPOT® Pet Station, strategically placed as close to high traffic areas as possible. In this situation, the more is definitely the better. If an owner’s dog goes number two right next to a pet waste station, their conscious will most likely take over, and they’ll feel the urge to clean up the mess.


During the winter months, landscaping slows down as lawns do not require mowing as regularly, and shrubs may not need to be trimmed. Because of this, your landscapers may not be not checking on pet waste stations as routinely as they may during the spring and summer months. When it gets cold outside, your community or property manager may have to wear multiple hats and take the time to ensure each pet waste station is adequately stocked with dog waste bags. You can stock up on DOGIPOT® Litter Pick Up Bags, which contain 200 bags per roll. Two hundred could seem like a big chunk of bags to you, but depending on the size of your property or community, you might fly through those bags in a month or even a couple of weeks. Also, with your landscapers gone for the winter months, your trash cans may build up with litter bags. Make sure receptacles are routinely emptied to avoid overflowing of unwanted messes. Just like the litter bags, you can stock up on DOGIPOT® Liner Trash Bags, which come with 50 bags per box. Keeping dog waste stations adequately maintained with poop bags and empty receptacles gives tenants one less reason to walk away from their pet’s mess without cleaning it up. DOGIPOT® creates durable, long-lasting products that will ensure you have a successful and happy winter season. For more information, call (800) 364-7681, or check out our complete line of dog products and dog park equipment.

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