With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year for families to get together and spend time in each other’s company, especially if that means a much-earned vacation. And by family we mean every member of your household, including your dog. Give your whole family an unforgettable summer by making sure your pooch is ready for whatever summer adventures you’re getting ready to take on with these simple tips.


Is your dog joining the family excursion this summer? A pup-filled road trip is very exciting, but there are special measures you must take. Be sure to plan in advance if and where you’ll be stopping for the night. Make sure any hotels or campgrounds you will be staying at are pet-friendly, and pack your dog’s medicine, toys, and DOGIPOT® Litter Pickup bags separately so they’re easier to reach. It’s important that Fido stays safe too, so make sure you have a dog crate that your dog can comfortably ride in during the trip. Also, plan a rough schedule for rest area breaks—every 4 hours is good spread for your dog and probably the best for everyone else too. Look for places with pet waste disposal receptacles and plenty of space to walk around. It gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs, use the restroom, and feel refreshed for the next leg of your journey.


If you’re flying overseas or traveling a long distance, it might be best for your dog to stay home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun time for your pup. Hiring a dog-sitter that could stay at your house and care for them is ideal. You could also pick someone you trust to look after your beloved pooch and your dog could stay with them. Check if your potential dog-sitter has any other pets and make sure they’d be okay around a new dog during their stay. Another option is a kennel, and there are even luxury pet hotels to choose from. Check around your area and look into pricing and information so your dog can enjoy its vacation, too!


Summer is hot, who would have guessed? Keeping your dog, and yourself, well hydrated is key to having a fun and safe summer season. Summer is all about being outside and catching the sun, it’s easy to forget or even notice when you’re getting dehydrated. The same goes for your dog. Make sure they drink a lot of water so everyone can enjoy the sun and beat the heat together.

As they say, summer fun is for everyone, and that includes your pup! Make sure everyone in the family is happy and this summer will be one to remember.

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